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Caution! Fake website: DBD suggests how to safely check authenticity of information of registered companies.

วันที่ 14 พ.ค. 2562
Caution! Fake website: DBD suggests how to safely check authenticity of information of registered companies.

DBD is intent and fully prepared to stamp out scammers who attempt to create simulated DBD's website in order to deceive users by providing invalid company registration numbers on those fraudulent websites for illegal business purposes. We are now in the process of prosecuting offenders before they create negative impact on the economy and the country's image. Please be reminded to always double check information using two channels provided by DBD's service systems, including the Mobile Application: DBD e-Service and the DBD's website (www.dbd.go.th)

The Director General of the Department of Business Development, Mr. Vuttikrai Leewiraphan
reitcrated that the DBD continually checks and inspects the security of the DBD Data Warehouse system, which is an issue of high level concern. It was revealed that there are some malicious persons who have intentionally created the simulated DBD's website using the domain name
http:///dbd-go-thdbdwebthaii.comwhich has similar appearance as the DBD's English site. The fraudulent website contains company information via search engines providing fake information, including invalid registration numbers not issued by the DBD. It is clear that those malicious persons have the intent of deceiving users of the website into believing that the fake registration numbers are duly registered at the DBD, which would deceive uses of the website, especially entrepreneurs, thus resulting in possible business damage to deal the business with any malicious persons and consequently incur loss to such deceived persons.

"DBD's is currently investigating the source of the problem, including the website creator in depth. We are also coordinating with the relevant law enforcement and technology crime suppression agencies to take legal action to the fullest extent in order to prevent further potential damage to Thai and foreign entrepreneurs, including that of the economy and image of Thailand as a whole. "

"Under these circumstances, the DBD wishes to urge entrepreneurs and the general public to take precautionary measures in their business undertaking particularly in relation to matters requiring authentication of identity, status, the legal presence of companies (check's for authentication can be publicly carried out at all times without charges or fees via (a) Mobile Application: DBD e-Service and (b) the DBD's website (www.dbd.go.th) by clicking "online service" followed by "business information service" and "DBD Data Warehouse". Thai entrepreneurs who able to reassure their prospective foreign business partners of their authenticity by providing copies of their company registration certificate as well as advising their business partners to verify their company's status via the "DBD Data Warehouse system", as a credible source of company information," The director general said.

Source: Information and Communications Technology Centre                                       No.86 / 7 May 2019
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