BEWARE of FAKE DBD Website. Don't become a victim. Investors should take precaution. Only use DBD DataWarehouse to verify company registration.

BEWARE of FAKE DBD Website. Don't become a victim.
Investors should take precaution. Only use DBD DataWarehouse to verify company registration.
                                           The Department of Business Development (DBD) has issued a clear warning to the general public to take exceptional precaution when validating company status following the discovery of yet another fake website used by scammers that resemble the English version of DBDs Website. In the most recent case, scammers used the domain name to deceive the public. The Department urges users to stay alert while it works with relevant agencies to eliminate the scam once and for all and to reduce any adverse impact on business. Please be reminded to check company status only via the following two channels: 1. DBD e-Service Mobile Application 2. DBD Data Warehouse via
                                            Mr. Thosapone Dansuputra, Director-General of the DBD said that the Department was alerted by the Department of International Trade Promotion regarding a fake website created by scammers using the DBD name as part of its domain name and depicting similar features to that of the English version of DBD's web page. The fake website is identified by the domain name which allows users to search false company registration numbers that do not exist in the DBD registry. The fake website is clearly intended to mislead users into believing that a company has been legally registered when in fact it is not, therefore exposing the user or business to risk of fraud by scammers.
                                          The Director-General added that the Department continues to monitor these illegal activities and found that scammers tend to apply similar methods by creating websites that resemble that of the DBD. These bogus websites usually have their domain registered overseas allowing illegal businesses to randomly specify false company registration numbers which is then used for illegal business dealings. Scammers usually target overseas businesses into believing that the information appearing in the fake website is that of legally registered companies in Thailand.
                                          In an effort to clamp down on these illegal websites, the DBD, together with relevant legal and enforcement agencies, are urgently investigating the source of the fake websites to minimize further damage to the economy and reputation of the country.
                                          The DBD urges all businesses and the general public to take extra precaution when conducting business. Where verification of company status is required, DBD provides only two channels for verification. These are (1) Mobile Application: DBD e-Service and (2) DBD website: (This search may be done in either Thai or English). Users must select the required service online and click on DBD Data Warehouse to begin the search. This service is free of charge and can be accessed 24 hours. Thai companies presenting company registration certificates as proof of registration should also inform their overseas business counterparts of the DBD Data Warehouse website service as an alternative means of company validation provided by DBD. The website allows for an in-depth search of company information thus providing credibility and assurance to businesses.
Department of Business Development                                                                 Issue: 84 / 5 April 2021